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X-BIKE global patents new design interchangeable & detachable disc wheel

X-BIKE global patents new design interchangable & detachable disc wheel for road and track bike. UD finishing. Full carbon fiber Toray T1000, M40 & T700 material. Tubular and clincher both are available. 24 months warranty time. Decal and painting service for OEM your brand.
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The disc wheel registered 21 interchangeable hub patents covering all the structures that enable this functionality. 

As long as it has interchangeable hub function, it must be our patent.

 Model HPD-RT
 Use Road & track bike
 Structure  Hollow with air bubble
 Material Full carbon & high TG 
 Size 700c/28"
 Version Tubular
 Finishing UD/3K/12K/18K matte or glossy
 Width 23mm 
 Hub Customized 
 Bearing Enduro 
 Units PC 

24 months 

Customized spoke wheels per your specs depending on your base. 

The hub is customizd for road and track bike by Taiwan factory, all is according to serious cyclists and their requirements for high performance carbon spoke wheels!

Water-transfer decal, sticker and painting service for OEM your brands. 

Rim mould design is our greatest superiority.

Carbon fiber wheels bicycle is cost very high on the wheels. So we were thinking of a way to save your cost all the time, now it come out. 

You only need to add one hub charge when you buy the disc wheel. You will use one disc wheel as two ways. It is easy to interchange from track and road. Are carbon wheels worth it? Yes! Help you save the cost is our goal. It means that your customer only buy 1 piece disc hub, it is compatible for road and track bike. Your customer also could install the hub by himself. 

It is our new patent for disc wheel.

Pls check the following advantages:

1. Lighter than usual type.

The weight is 1000g for 1 piece tubular road rear disc wheel. And 1020g for track.

2. Help you save a disc wheel cost.

That is not just dozens, more than hundreds you will save.

3. Easy to exchange.

No matter if you are profession, you can totally handle the exchanging.

4. Save you much shipping cost.

But how? Generally, the disc wheel will ship to you with glued hub, which can't be detached. 

We will ship the wheel with independent hubs. It will save much space,

so that you can reduce the shipping. 

All these advantage will help you save the cost.

Welcome you to negotiate licensing matters.

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