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X-Bike Benefits of wider carbon rims

X-Bike is producing 25-28mm width tubular and clincher normal air bubble carbon rims. Benefits of wider carbon rims: Dramatically increased traction Reduced rolling resistance Less tubeless ‘burping’ Stiffer, stronger wheel lighter than most narrow aluminum rims Better braking control Improved flat ...

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ROHACELL PMI High-Strength Structural Foam

1.  ROHACELL PMI High-Strength Structural Foam Lightweight carbon rims and high strength carbon rims in itself is contradictory, if you use the same technology to produce lightweight product, it means sacrificing strength and durability.  X-Bike focuses on lightweight carbon rims with high...

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Two advantages of the light bicycle rims.

1. High Temperature Resistant - Heat Protection (HP) The carbon fibers we are using for light bicycle rims are Toray 700 and 1000 with 240 degrees high TG resin. The high TG resin gives our light bicycle rims a better temperature resistant performance. Our basalt braking surface will not only improv...

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X-Bike equipment Co.,Ltd,a brand of carbon wheel manufacture, China.

X-Bike Equipment Co., Ltd, is a carbon bicycle manufacturer established by 2007.To meet the needs of our consumers for outstanding quality carbon bicycles, superlight carbon rims, wheels. We get out into the market and race, listen, observe and learn, so that we are able to look ahead and understand the trends which will shape our business in the future, and move swiftly to prepare for what’s to come.